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Babies are adorable because they live in the unknown…
Wild animals look noble and beautiful because they haven’t lost their mystical quality…
We still owned such qualities in our childhood.
We were enclosed in a warm sunny space of peacefulness.
The truth is most important for all of us, which is an awareness
that we are in unknown, mystical, vast and magnificent place here and now.
It is an awareness of oneness where there is no life nor death.
Children are more relaxed and peaceful because they have fewer divisions.
A peaceful person cannot but love touching moments of which no words can describe.
Our bodies grow older by age, however, those who have little divisions will stay young in spite of their physical age.


released March 26, 2007

Arranged by Hiromitsu Ishikawa(1,2,3,5)
Arranged by David Campbell(4)
Lyrics & Music by MARTH


all rights reserved


Track Name: Reach for the Sky
Little killifish were swimming in the brook
May the day come when everything can live happily
In the mountains, in the fields
I’ll sing a song for you, little killifish
May your wish reach the heaven
My darling, my dear
May your beautiful heart touch the world

If children can learn everything is one
Their pains will be healed
It is the world where we can realize
Everything is one and connected
I’ll sing a song for you, little killifish
My gentle one, may your wish reach the heaven
May the real, the truth surely be delivered to the people
I’ll sing a song for you, little killifish
Everybody will be happy then
Everybody wishes to live in love
I’ll sing a song for you, my dear
May the heart of oneness reach the heaven

小川には めだかたちが すんでたね
すべてのものが しあわせに
暮らせる日が くるように
めだかの詩よ めだかの詩よ
君の想い 天までのぼれ
愛しき人よ 愛しの君よ
美しき心 世界へとどけ 

子どもたち みんなひとつと 習えたら
ひとつのものと 気づける世界
めだかの詩よ めだかの詩よ
やさしき人よ 天までのぼれ
本当のことよ 真実がいつしか
めだかの詩よ めだかの詩よ
誰もがそのとき しあわせになる
誰もが本当は 愛で生きたい
めだかの詩よ 愛しき人よ
ひとつのこころ 天までのぼれ
Track Name: I Am the Wind
When I went through the valley,
There was an expanse of the ocean
I was the wind dashing through the big ocean
Beyond the mountains, beyond the fields
Blowing over numbers of towns, I was the wind
I was the wind, I can go to the end of the world
hard days, lonely days, I was coming over
Over the steep mountains, through the earth
I came alone with you
Let us become the wind, all of us
Let us become the wind, just like a childhood

Autumn fields, snowy earth
I was watching to protect
I wish to live like the sky
Snowmelt in spring, cicada songs in summer
I wish to live like the sky embracing and holding everything
I was the sky, embracing everything
On troublesome days, when I was scared
Over the stormy ocean, over the raging waves,
We came over
Let us become the sky, accepting everything
Just like you, accepting pains
Just like your favorite big sky

谷を抜けると 海が広がった
風となり大海原を 駆け抜けていった
山なみこえて 草原もこえて
いつしかいくつもの町こえて 風となった
風になったんだ どこまでも ゆけるんだ
つらい日も さびしい日も こえてきた
きりたつ山々も 大地をつらぬき 君と二人で来たから
風になろう みんなでなろう
風になろう 幼き頃のように

秋の野山を 雪の大地を
見守ってきた 空のように 生きたいと願い
春の雪どけ 夏の蝉の声
すべてを抱きしめ つつむ空のように生きたい
空になったんだ すべてを抱きしめて
悩む日も 怖かったときにも
嵐の海原も 荒れ狂う波間も こえて みんなで来たから
空になろう すべてを許して
空になろう 大きな空のように
君のように 痛みを許して
君の好きな 大きな空のように
Track Name: Dedicated to Children of Nature
You always sought for a true way of life
You were beautiful and shining every time you shed tears
Even if the day comes when I cannot hear your voice
Our love will never be gone
It will never change forever
The reason why two of us were born
And what we wanted

However dangerous our life journey becomes
Two of us were silly enough to choose the same way
Even someone coward like us cannot give up
That is everything is one
The beautiful whole
And everyone is this precious something
You wanted to say so
Wishing every separation will be gone

本当の生き方を いつでも君はさがしていた
涙を流すたび 美しくかがやいた
もしも君の声が 聞けなくなる日がきても
いつの日までも 変わらないよ

どんなに危険な 人生が旅になろうとも
二人は同じ道 えらぶほど愚かだ
気弱な僕らでも けしてすてられないこと
それは すべてがひとつなこと
美しきもの すべてのもの
Track Name: Filled With Love
I thought I would need nothing else
if my life were filled with love.
You used to draw pictures of the children
who tried to live in tune with the earth.
I wonder how warm my hometown is.
I wish everyone happiness.

You were always shining.
You cherished love to the fullest until you died

Even if you had known a flow of your destiny,
you must have chosen this way.
I wonder how gentle my hometown is.
We flew together over the big sky
just like birds heading for a storm.
I will dedicate my love
to the unforgettable days of my youth.
I will never forget you pursued love
Even in a hard time.

あたたかなりし わがふるさと
すべての人の しあわせ願って
いつの日にも 君は輝いていた

たとえさだめの流れを 知っていても
やさしきかな わがふるさと
大空へと 共に羽ばたいていた
忘れない青春に 今愛を捧げん
いつまでも 僕は忘れないよ
Track Name: Eternal Self
People wanted to believe their eternal lives
Even they deceived themselves
From the time immemorial, they persuaded themselves to believe so
Some disgusted with it and decided to believe there is no eternity
They wondered if it was real and never looked for it
Without knowing this whole world is the real self
Everything will go on changing
Everything will be born
Even the day when everything is gone
Even if everything comes and goes
If you live with this wholeness
The changing wholeness is yourself
A song of eternity, you are everything
A song of eternity, when you feel painful longing

If you believe you are, you will see others
The less you believe it, the more everything will be you
When you realize it, you will be nothing and eternal
When birds, flowers, and animals
Mountains, rivers, oceans, sky
Stars, Universe, and Everything in this world are you
Your heart will be healed
A song of eternity, awaken yourself from human dreams
A song of eternity, may you be happy
A song of eternity, all sufferings of mankind
We’re born when we were separated
A song of eternity, let you come out of a dream

人は永遠を 自らがとわに続くものと
思いたがってきた 自分をだましてまでも
太古のむかしから そう言い聞かせた
このすべての世界が 本当の自分と知らずに
あらゆるものが 行きすぎ去ろうとも
そのすべてでもし 君が生きるなら
かわりゆくすべては それは君自身だ
永遠の詩 君がすべてだ
永遠の詩 切ないほどの時

私がいると思えば 他と見えるものが生まれる
私がやめばやむほど すべてはあなたとなる
そのことを知った時 人は無我(とわ)になる
心は 癒えてくから
永遠の詩 人の夢からさめて
永遠の詩 君も幸せになれ
永遠の詩 人の苦しみはすべて
永遠の詩 分たれた日に生まれた
永遠の詩 それゆえ夢よ醒めたし

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