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MARTH Interview 2: How can we end darkness of the world?


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released November 18, 2016


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Track Name: Heart full of Untold Words (Piano Instrumental)
Heart full of Untold Words
Lyrics & Music MARTH

No clouds in the sky,
Strong fragrance of the grass
Anything has not changed from before since then,
and minnows are still living in the river.
Is this wonderful world ending?
Good-bye, hometown, beautiful hills and fields.
Good-bye, hometown, I wish you can stay as you are.

The sun is touching the hill,
and the birds are rushing home as always.
The sun sets today as usual.
You don't have to blame home of your enemy.
You don't have to hate him, with your whole life.

You want to love, that's all you want,
and you haven't been able to do so.
In your hometown, at your home,
why don't you tell you want to love,
and you wanted to be loved?
You don't have to blame home of your enemy.
There is nothing worth hating someone with your life.

作詞/作曲 MARTH

空には雲ひとつなく むせかえる草の香り
すべてのものが昔と 変わっていないのに
小川にはめだかたちが 今も暮らしている
この素晴らしき世界は 終わってしまうのか

さようなら ふるさとよ 美しき野山よ
さようなら ふるさとよ このままでいいのに

太陽が丘にふれて 鳥はいつものように
家路へと道を急いだ 夕暮れは今日もある
人のふるさと 責めることなど 本当はないのに
命をかけて 恨むほどの ことなどないのに

愛したい それだけだよ
あの実家(ふるさと)で あのふるさとの あのふるさとで
伝えたらいい 愛したいと
人のふるさと 責めることなど 本当はないのに
命をかけて 憎むほどの ことなどないのに

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