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MARTH Interview 1​:​色即是空 - Form is empty, matter is void; all is vanity


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Message Lyrics & Music MARTH Wet with night dew, I am writing a message for you on the path where I can look up your window. You seemed so busy when I visited you several times. You must be working hard to seize an opportunity. I'm going home by train tomorrow morning. I wanted to see you; I wished to talk to you. Goodbye, may you surely be happy, may you surely be happy. I will write you a letter when I get home. I thought of living my life together with you, I thought of living my life with you in this town. I thought life in such a remote countryside didn’t seem to fit you, and I thought I couldn’t spoil your dream. Some day if you have a hard time, Some day if you have a hard time, Come home, some day. Goodbye, my love, you're a true friend. You're a friend of my heart for ever and ever. 伝言 作詞/作曲 MARTH 夜霧に濡れながら 君への伝言を 君の窓の見える道で 今したためている 幾度か訪ねたが とても忙しそうだ きっと夢をつかむために がんばっているのだね 明日の朝の汽車で 故郷へ帰るよ 会えたらよかったが 話せたらよかったが さようなら きっと幸せに きっと幸せになれ むこうに着いたらきっと 手紙書くから 一度は人生を 君と共にと思い 一度は君と人生を この町でと思った 古びた故郷での 暮らしは君には 似合わないと思い 壊せぬとも思った いつの日にかもしか もしかつらくなったら いつの日にかもしか いつの日にかお帰りよ さようなら 愛しき人 本当の友達だ 心の友達だ いついつまでも


released November 17, 2016


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