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Lei ~Lei na'ala~ Mele pule




Mele pule
The 2nd album from Lei Series
Surrender yourself to the deep & mystical sound of the synthesizer
which embraces all, and you will be invited to a complete state of
relaxation. Melting into slow-paced melodies, you will feel comfortable
as your breath becomes steady slowly. Your mind will deeply be settled and completely relaxed. This is a song of prayers.
There have been songs and dances to celebrate nature in hawaii from ancient times. This album will remind us that we are connected to true nature and peace when we are released from our minds.
Good for Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra. Highly meditative music

There are so called scientific truths in the world which are beyond human beliefs...
They are called "reality" in thenew age terminology. That is, this world is, in reality, not this world, nor a reality, nor a galaxy.
We have no idea where and when we are,
everything is just a name, and we are in the unknown, in the eternally tremendous space, and so on. The very end of the univese goes on forever, this is noteven a universe, it is not known, it is unpredictable, and so on. Everything is one and connected, it is like an expression of something siilar, or made of the same substances called
fundamental particles, and so on.
However, humankind have built up civilizations without knowing such scientific truths for ages. It is nothing but our civilizations are not based
on true scientific facts. When a new civilization which faces such unknown truths of the world is born, true peace will come by itself... MARTH


released September 1, 2015


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