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L'amore è - I Will Love You Even After I'm Gone - E book (PDF) & Music


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L'amore è - I Will Love You Even After I'm Gone Music&Lyrics by MARTH 1. There must have been myriads of choices, but have we been able to create a beautiful world? Born to this planet, have I been able to do something useful for the bright feature of the world, even just a little? I'm going to live with you, forever with you, I'll live to do as much as I can for a beautiful planet. I am happy to be born in the same age with you I will love you even after I leave my body 2. You always strove to live your ephemeral life for a beautiful planet with a beautiful smile I think of so many things I’d do with you As I cannot believe you’re gone. I'm sure the day will come some day when a beautiful world will be realized as you dreamed I am happy to be born in the same age with you I will love you even after I leave my body I will love you forever...
Beyond the Skies and the Ocean Music&Lyrics by MARTH 1. Beyond the skies and the ocean, they say there must be a place where happiness is always there forever. Anybody can neither invade, nor can rob People have always wished for a beautiful land. People on this planet will surely get it some day, sure they will. Anybody can neither invade, nor can rob Beautiful land People will surely have it, sure they will. 2. In the old days, they say the people who escaped from wars came all the way to a promised land. They will neither invade any country, nor will they rob anyone They vowed to live hand in hand on a beautiful land, and their descendants still treasure it for sure and live in love The world will surely be directed there, toward the beautiful land, toward the world where anybody let you neither invade, nor rob toward such a world...


"L'amore e - I will love you even after I'm gone..."
Ebook (PDF, 200 pages) & Music (2 songs) by MARTH
The music was created for the book, and the book was written for the music... This is a healing & creative essay based on a story of the ancient people who dared to leave their homeland instead of fight.

"They never deceive others even if being deceived.
They never make fun of others even if being made fun of.
They never rob those robbing them,
They accept those deceiving them,
These people who never fight back and leave peacefully,
are wishing for the real happiness of the people who harm themselves.
If humankind can realize that such people will truly flourish,
how will the world look like to us?
Revenge, hostility or jealousy, attack or plunder
and various similar things will ruin ourselves entirely;
These will sooner or later drive us to collapse.
If we know that is the cosmic law itself,
how will we live and what kind of world will we see…?

I realized that there used to be the people who understood such things deeply in the ancient times.
They are the people who left,
even though they were robbed and taken away their safe homeland.
I also found that their descendants who strictly followed the law have been still prosperous. They say it is because of a promise to the god…"
-Excerpts from the ebook; "L'amore è - I will love you even after I'm gone..." by MARTH


released August 29, 2016


all rights reserved


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